Budak Koleq and Pride


Mr Liew of the basketball team was conferred an honorary membership in MCOBA just recently, making history as the only non-Malay to receive the honour of its kind. The decision was lauded as denying any racial sentiments Malay College old boys usually associated to.

In the case of Mr Liew, it is without doubt that any contributions in that size should only be replied with honour, and if there is anything bigger than conferring an honorary membership, such thing would be due for Mr Liew.

On behalf of the Class of 2005, I would like to thank Mr Liew for his timeless contributions in taking Malay College basketball to a whole new level. I can only judge from my two years experience there circa 04/05 that the college was orientating themselves in conforming to the nature of MCKK which is to build the future on its success. Apart from my batch's excellent PMR result in 2003, and my batchmate's Zaim's triumph in Pidato Piala Di-Raja, there were no real success for the whole college could take pride of.

But Mr Liew re-modelled the basketball team and with assistance from few old boys, the team turned into a powerhouse and fearsome competitor. Most importantly, the team achieved results which brought back the air of pride to Kuala Kangsar.

I may not know him personally, but the impact he made to some people I know was exceptional. So thank you and congratulations to Mr Liew.

But that is it.


Malay College old boys have this strange fascination of taking pride for something they belong to. The most obvious one is being a Malay College boy. And a Malay College boy would bring together with them the belief that for anything the college achieved, even if they don't have anything to do with, they could bring home the pride.

The only real achievement for a Malay College boy is to get enrolled in Malay College first. Academically, the school houses the best boys in UPSR and PMR, and students are handpicked for place in Malay College, and I particularly acquired my admission on the latter's ticket.

So the basic pride is understandable. Moving on.

Within the gates and many walls the college has, there are so many other permutations of pride that stem from many possible achievements - in sports; like the basketball team and of course many other sports teams, debating, examination results and musical skills. These are the bricks Malay College boys thought to have the power to give them pride, and for them, pride translates to the biggest single power than can make them stand taller than anyone else, respect.

Please don't get me wrong, the motivation is in many way good and the kind of momentum should go uninterrupted. This is the driving impetus for MCKK success in the yesteryears, and the challenge to become good at so many different fields as to have the bragging rights and getting the respect should be seized to keep the MCKK air of success alive.

Getting out of MCKK is as much a success as getting into MCKK, and the success of getting in and out of MCKK should not be the only reason to be proud of. Getting into MCKK requires hard work, and with the amount of challenges we did not know in the pipeline ahead of us, the hard work to get enrolled was negligible.

I may sound selfish as there are hundreds of other boys who might have punched each other to get into MCKK but failed to get enrolled. It was an easy choice for me, because getting into MCKK was not my choice. I had to only fill the same form those girls had to fill before they got into SSP and TKC, and we had no idea which school we would get into if we did well in PMR.

Like I was in coming to this world as a Malay, I can only explain my enrollment in Malay College as a destiny, and God wanted me to be a Malay College boy, like the way He wanted me to be a Malay.

So how do I say I am proud to be a Malay? How can I be proud as something I did not choose to be?

But I know that I am proud for being the person I become given the environment I was brought up in. I grew up in Malay-speaking community, and in the Malay-culture practicing populace. I am proud in how the environment has moulded me into the person I become, no matter how limited the resources and how poor the environment could sometimes be. I definitely take pride of everything that I have achieved, but that is it, I achieved what I have achieved was because I was the person who was moulded into, not because I was a Malay.

This is the fallacy that Malay College boys have long fallen into. They take pride for something as petty as being a Malay College boy, and to take pride of something else you don't have anything to do with is just pathetic. But Malay College boys cleverly shroud the feeling with the sense of belonging and brotherhood they cherish. So to take pride and tell everyone that you are good because your schoolmate is good is just wrong to me.

Self-worth is a quality every Malay College boys should have if they want to steer clear of this black days. Little do they know, until they respect themselves and people around them, no one will respect them.

As a Malay College old boy, I feel saddened with the association of Malay College boys with strong closed fraternity clouded with pathetic vanity over our previous success. Previous success is something we need to build the next success on, not something we should just be proud of.

As long as Malay College boys go on the way they are, as long as the pathetic mental attitude of taking pride in other people's achievement does not change, as long as there is no true sense of self-worth and knowing what the college has turned themselves into, then any superficial attempt at getting respect will be an illusion.

As for the success of my friends who achieved something when they were in MCKK or wherever they are now, I am proud to have known them, but just by knowing them is not something I am expecting respect in return.

And as a Malay College old boy, I am not proud because I was once a student there, but I am proud because the school has changed me to become what I am today.

That is for me, a quality of a good school.



Akar nibong meresap,

Akar mati dalam perahu,

Tebakar kampung kelihatan asap,

Terbakar hati siapa tahu.

- Anwar Ibrahim, Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 1997.

Mari-mari Sayang Dia.

Terima kasih kerana kekuatan,
Tanpa izin, aku tiada.

Terima kasih kerana susuan,
Sedang aku melalaki tangisan.

Terima kasih kerana dodoian,
Nyanyian lunak penyaman telinga.

Terima kasih kerana bebelan,
Membuatkan aku jaga sentiasa.

Maafkan aku,
Kerana rangkap-rangkap ini tidak cukup,
Membahasakan semuanya,
Malah langsung tidak cukup,

Dari air hina hingga dewasa,
Kau beri semuanya,
Hati budi penuh erti,
Tanpa henti memberi erti.

Walaupun cubitan penuh bisa,
Masih kasih menusuk jiwa.

Terima kasih atas semuanya,
Moga Dia balas segala.


I got myself worked up reading about the outbreak of swine flu. With 5 confirmed and 78 other suspected cases in the UK (and few hundred others in USA, Canada and Mexico), nothing is more worrying than knowing the fact that pandemic level alert is raised to a staggering fifth, and comparison with murderous 1918 Spanish flu pandemic is started to be drawn out.

The worry about bird flu seems negligible now as swine flu virus looks to be more extreme, as it can infect by human-to-human transmission, while the former is more closely associated with human contact with birds. 

With a minute bit of medical knowledge and common sense, I would suggest all conspirators and fellow batch members to stay healthy and inform your doctor on the button if you feel something funny running in your body. 

There is no vaccine available for now, and it is wise not to take any chance. This might not only applicable to Mijie, but you might want to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze as not to spread the germs using a clean disposable tissue and throw it away afterwards. 

Take hygiene a little bit more serious this time. Clean yourself more often and don't rely much on perfume to be presentable. Water and soap do better job.

Those in States, consider doubling or tripling the efforts of getting your body fit and healthy.

Babi bersin, manusia jadi gila babi. Babi Betul.

20th June 2009


As you've all known, there will be a carnival between our batch and the 0509 batch. And these are the games that are confirmed to be played in the carnival:-

i. Rugby
ii. Football
iii. Handball
iv. Hockey
v. Tennis
vi. Squash

So please confirm your participation for the games and the carnival as well. If you’re just going to the carnival for leisure purpose, it’s alright too as this is where we can meet up. Much can be talk about when we meet up. I’ll try to find the best substance to confirm your participation. At the mean time, please post your confirmation at the group in Friendster.

Kerjasama anda amat dihargai.

The Night Before Voting

I saw this on The Nut Graph and I was furious:

SUNGAI PETANI, 6 Apr 2009: Four Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state assemblypersons will defect if the Barisan Nasional (BN) wins the Bukit Selambau by-election tomorrow, claimed newly-elected Umno supreme council member Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

Speaking at the BN Youth operations center here tonight, he said, "Just wait and see what will happen within a week after our victory tomorrow."

"We will liberate Kedah the way we liberated Perak," he said to thunderous cheers.

Liberate from whom? The very people who voted their government in? That my friend, is invasion 101.

However, no confirmation was given of who the four potential defectors were.

Azeez Apart from Azeez, newly elected Umno Youth exco member Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid also told the crowd, "We will begin taking Kedah back not at the next general election, but tomorrow."

Their announcements come within hours of news that five Kedah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) division chiefs were quitting the party due to loss of confidence in the party.

Azeez, the ex-Putera Umno chief, also said that although he was now in the supreme council, he would defend Mat Rempits if they were in trouble.

Fuck you. Defending Mat Rempits. Yeah.. awesome. Shweet. First you take them to the friggin pole using the Rakyat's money. Now you want to protect them if they were in trouble. What if they cause trouble to the people like they always do? Would you go down to help those people?

Azeez told the 200-strong crowd of mostly Malay Malaysian men: "Go ride your motorbikes around town until midnight tonight, and until 5pm tomorrow, not to scare people but to raise their spirits."

Raise their spirits? Raise their spirits? People are already living with their inconsiderate riding and noisy machine every single day. Now you are telling these people they can't sleep tonight because your mat rempit brigade is going to raise their spirit? What about raising hell?

Several other local Umno Youth leaders repeated to the youths present: "Follow the law, but if the police give you a hard time just give us a call."

Hah.. follow the law. Who are you? So mighty and powerful? So if I mess around and the police arrest me, I can just call you and all my problem'll be gone? Shweet!

The speakers also largely concentrated on attacking PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's alleged homosexuality.

"Our leaders are living angels, but their side is stuck with someone who is obsessed with backsides," said Azeez.

Nobody is an angel, living or dead. We are all sinful people trying our best to do whatever good that we can achieve. You for one, talk with your backside.

The crowd roared its approval the loudest each time such homophobic comments were made.

Tan Keng Liang Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang talked about the flaws in the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat government's policies, criticising its quit rent and housing assessment policy. He stayed away from personal attacks.

Also attending the ceramah was local singing legend Datuk DJ Dave.

There are 35,140 registered voters in the Bukit Selambau constituency. Polling begins tomorrow at 8am and closes at 5pm in a race that involves a record 15 candidates, 13 of whom are independents.

However, the main contest will be between PKR's S Manikumar and the BN's Datuk S Ganesan.


Malaysia, we don't need stupid people like this. Comprendez?

Punya la banyak hai yang dia boleh nak debat dengan orang, benda macam ni yang paling elok yang dia boleh pikiaq. Ini bodoh. Orang Iban kata paloi, dedeak, bangkak. Orang macam mana la ni..

Orang Kedah, kalau hangpa tak mau ka PAS pon, tolong jangan lepas negeri kita pi kat puak-puak macam dia ni. Biaq la negeri kita tak kaya pon, Aloq Staq tu tak besaq mana pon, janji hati kita cerah, akai kita panjang. Kita jangan dok ambik peduli orang macam ni. Tolong la.. aku mintak sangat-sangat.

Bak kata René Descartes, aku ada akai, jadi aku ada. Hidup lama-lama akai pendek tak guna betoi dak?



America's total debt is at about $8.7 trillion and is going up and up as we speak. So yeah, it's America, the great Satan state, why should we care right? Well, we live and we learn. Not only from our mistakes, but also from others.

I've never been more interested in economics until I watched this movie. It covers the 4 areas where deficit is happening in America; budget, savings, trade and leadership and how it all drags that great nation down into the ocean plus steps that people need to do to remedy it.

Looking at the problems cited in the movie, it is about the same as what is going on in this country to us the Malaysian people. Spending money we have yet to earn, not saving, outsourcing our industry. Man, the same thing could happen here!

It would be utterly selfish for me not to share it with you guys. So yeah, spend a good 1 hour and a half and watch the movie up there while it's still there. There's no such thing as free lunch guys. Seriously.

Ucap Selamat

So we have our new Prime Minister, and among the first thing I looked for after the swearing in were the acceptance speech and wishes from world leaders.

I think the speech is just fine. Nothing to be compared of that of Obama's awe-inspiring and rhetorical winning speech. Well, speech is indeed not everything but if that is the easiest way to spot and establish vision and style of governance between lines of eloquence, why not give some hoot?

The speech could do a little to Malaysians' confidence in where are we going from now.

So I tick it off.

And so I read wishes from world leaders after giving them few days to gather their thoughts and come up with something creative and relationship-tying wishes. I expected something from the G8, or any other economic powerhouse to bid our premier luck.

I reckon this is a reflection of their relationship with our country and how serious they are in maintaining close ties as far as economic growth, information and technology sharing and international liaisons and branding are concerned. 

Much to my dismay, none of them is taking us seriously (it seems).

I couldn't see any Obama, Brown, Aso, Medvedev, Berlusconi, Sarkozy or Merkel's silver tongue anywhere in the wish - but only some hard-working ambassadors.

International confidence? Fingers crossed.

Wishes from world leaders, I put it on KIV.

So Pak Lah is now a Tun, the highest federal title you can get in the country. I can only giggle upon reading that the first thing Tun Lah plans to do as a retired premier is to catch up on some sleep.

And the giggle quickly ascended to laugh not long after.

Sleep tight, Tun.

Someone is back, the first member of UMNO Baru - keeping up to his promise to come back in after Tun Lah steps down.

The nation's eyes are now on three by-elections of two Bukits and a Batang. Pun intended ha ha, so much for Asian's infamous sex drive. Okay let's not go into that.

Traditionally, elections would split the country into two or more fractions, and the prognosis is usually quite awful to mention.

I hope we can recover well after that and do something good for the future of the country.

I can only wish the country well for we have only 3923 days to 2020, the year we all agreed to put our wawasan on. 

P/s - And 1883 days if Malaysia's World Cup 2014 plan is somewhere in Najib's mind.

Blue and Brown

Here's a lil something I found on racism.


After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, school teacher Jane Elliott wanted to teach her third-grade class about racism. Rather than a lengthy discussion about it, she decided to show the 8-year-olds what racism is all about in a famous "experiment":

With King shot just the day before in Memphis, Elliott encouraged her third-graders to discuss how something so horrible could happen.

"I finally said, ‘Do you kids have any idea how it feels to be something other than white in this country?’ "

The children shook their heads and said they wanted to learn, so Elliott set the rules. Blue-eyed children must use a cup to drink from the fountain. Blue-eyed children must leave late to lunch and to recess. Blue-eyed children were not to speak to brown-eyed children. Blue-eyed children were troublemakers and slow learners.

Within 15 minutes, Elliott says, she observed her brown-eyed students morph into youthful supremacists and blue-eyed children become uncertain and intimidated.

Brown-eyed children "became domineering and arrogant and judgmental and cool," she says. "And smart! Smart! All of a sudden, disabled readers were reading. I thought, ‘This is not possible, this is my imagination.’ And I watched bright, blue-eyed kids become stupid and frightened and frustrated and angry and resentful and distrustful. It was absolutely the strangest thing I’d ever experienced."

Corina Knoll of the Los Angeles Times has the story.


Thanks to Neatorama.com

Jom2 Tutup Lampu

Marilah semua. Berganding tangan menambah umur dia yang sudah tua. Jangan buat-buat lupa sudah berjuta-juta jam dia memberi kita manfaat. Namun hanya yang kita beri hanya khianat.

Hanya 60 jam, bukan 60 tahun. Hanya tutup selama sejam dari 8:30 hingga 9:30 malam.

Eh, kau post blog ni x pakai letrik ke?

Itulah gunanya bateri.


KJ wins UMNO Youth post, beating favorite Mukhriz Mahathir and controversy-clad Khir Toyo in a neck and neck encounter. (Source: KJ's Facebook status)

Never trust the odds these days. Even the 'untouchable' Man United lost all point at Craven Cottage and the rich in Chelsea slumped to fellow Londoners. 

Never rest on your laurels, and bear in mind that you reserve no value if you think you are better than others.



I can't help but to find reading online Malaysian news a disappointing experience. I have been trying to be positive and draw out conclusion in attempt to ease the feeling that behind every cloud, there is a silver lining. 

I make it a point everyday to start my day with dose of Malaysian news before reading lenghty and witty shares of British journalism. But I ended up finding myself in all envy to find reading British news is way more interesting.

No, I am not going into journalism now. It is the happenings in Malaysia that I feel very disappointed with.

Nevermind the politics, god of all Malaysian plights - we have everything to be worried about the future of the country, which will turn 52 years old this 31st August. 

PPSMI, UMNO election pandemonium, crisis in the parliament, royal contempt, this and that, just show how crazy things are in our country. 

Come on lah YB, gaji ribu-ribu for what? Kerja lebih lah.

Come on lah YB, orang undi for what? Serve the rakyat lah.

Come on lah YB, aging every year for what? Grow up lah.

You guys are gifted bunch, who are brilliant in rhetorical speech and all thing talking. But ask yourself, are your minds and maturity are equally eloquent?

Please, I want good news, anything that can make me proud and tell those arrogant Mat Salleh that we have done this and that - not something that will spoil my day thinking about how bad my country is. 

Yet I still believe in you, Malaysia. I know you can do it. That is why I mean it when I say Malaysia Boleh.

Malaysia Boleh.


Kalau kita masih ingat, dulu masa zaman-zaman tengah gayat guna email mesti ada antara kita yang dapat email berkenaan kekuasaan Allah. Adalah gambar batu bertulis kalimah Allah, awan berbentuk kalimah Allah, pokok yang berbentuk orang sujud (malah ada bergaris arah kiblat dalam gambar tu) dan bermacam-macam. Gunung. Batu. Aurora pun masuk dalam list.

So what? Apa hikmahnya? Kita kena bersyukur kita Islam kah? Kita kena forward kepada orang lain kah email tu?


Ape ko cakap ni Ainan. Ajaran sesat ke?

Bukan ajaran sesat. Tapi fikiran logik yang mudah.
Sebelum kita sibuk nak forward email  tu, cuba fikir persoalan ni;

  • Sahih kah gambar tu? Sekarang dengan Adobe Photoshop mudah saja gambar-gambar tersebut dieksploitasi.
  • Bagaimana kalau ada gambar-gambar alam yang membentuk salib, bintang David dan lambang agama-agama lain? (tolak Bahai kerana itu adalah kompilasi) Adakah Allah mengiyakan agama lain berdasarkan 'bukti' penciptaannya?

Sebagai manusia matang dan berakal, sewajarnya email sedemikian membawa mesej yang baik; menontonkan kebesaran Allah SWT kepada semua receipent email tersebut. Tapi, dua persoalan di atas harus diambil kira kerana ada kebarangkalian email tersebut dihantar oleh orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Ternyata, niat tak menghalalkan cara.

Bukan niat penulis untuk mempertikaikan usaha kita sebagai hamba Allah menikmati dan mendalami kebesaran Dia cuma penulis sedikit terkilan kerana terlalu banyak perkara sebagitu tersebar dengan mudah melalui email dan Instant Messaging. Ada email yang berisi ayat-ayat Quran dan seruan-seruan supaya disebarkan email tersebut kepada orang lain dan jika tidak, malapetaka akan berlaku kepada sesiapa yang tidak menyampaikan 'amanah' tersebut.

Apakah logik, jika kita dapat satu pesanan melalui Instant Messaging berkenaan sesuatu ayat Quran dan jika kita tidak forward, nanti bala atau malapetaka akan tiba.

Please guys, be logical.

Jangan sampai orang Islam dikatakan kolot!


Artikel ini adalah adaptasi artikel seorang penulis blog Indonesia, alhabib dan sekali lagi penulis menyatakan artikel ini bukan berniat untuk mempersoal atau memperkecil kebesaran Allah SWT. Moga beri manfaat.

Kerajaan Dinding

Dulu, Sidharta Gautama Buddha mencapai tahap Moksha di bawah sepohon pokok setelah begitu lama bertapa. Beliau mendapat jawapan untuk cara kehidupan kekal abadi. Pokok itu telah memainkan peranan yang amat penting sekali. Beliau tidak akan dilahirkan semula ke dunia ini sebaliknya telah mencapai Nirvana.

Dulu, Parameswara duduk berehat di bawah pohon Melaka dan kawasan pemerintahan baru Baginda Melaka. Pokok sekali lagi memainkan peranan yang amat penting. Kesultanan Melayu Melaka kemudiannya berkembang menjadi sebuah empayar yang amat penting pada masa itu.

Kini? Adakah pokok di hadapan bangunan DUN Perak ini akan memainkan peranan yang penting juga? Moga-moga mendapat jawapan. 

Tolonglah wahai semua pihak. Cukuplah semua pihak. Marilah berdamai dan menyelesaikan masalah secara depan-depan. Man to man. Tak guna saling bertikam lidah dan berperang sesama sendiri. Akhir nanti kita semua yang akan rugi. Kami yang hidup di bumi Perak ini dan menjunjung langit Perak ini inginkan kehidupan yang aman. Ameen.

Nude Non Issue

What's wrong with sleeping naked?

This is of course, relates back to the 'issue' about one Elizabeth Wong, wakil rakyat of Bukit Lanjan whose naked pictures are circulating on the Internet. I'm not really Mr. Current Issue but if I remember corrently, she resigned or offered to resign yesterday.

Now, can someone tell me what is so wrong about being naked in your own bedroom? I've done that and so do most of us. The last time I checked, the bedroom is about the most private place a person could have.

That is why I'm so baffled by a Khir Toyo, who stepped forward with allegations that what our dear Liz did was wrong, immoral, indecent and bla, bla bla. Now, Khir.. don't tell me you've never been naked inside your bedroom before. Takkan kot. Your wife tak marah ke? Ape you nak sembunyi dalam baju tu?

So what is so immoral about Liz sleeping in the nude? What's immoral is that bloke who took the picture. Now, I haven't seen the pictures and I don't plan to either, but from what I've heard and read, it wasn't even a picture of her in sexual acts. She wasn't even posing. She was nude and asleep. Liz is not even married so she certainly wasn't cheating on anyone and if my sources are correct, she is not a Muslim so there's nothing wrong with her sleeping with some dude.

What if today I strip off naked in my bedroom and the person in the house opposite of mine took a photo of me with a very long zoom lens and spread it all about. Am I immoral? Stop blaming the victim la. Even if the photo is of her in sexual acts, so be it. What's wrong with that? People have passion and desire. People love to be naked with their loved ones. People have sex. People fuck. This isn't Arabia where they stone rape victims and let the rapist go about with his life and rape another chick. Stop blaming the victims.

As long as Liv stay dressed when she's doing her work in the office, as long as she represent her people well, as long as she is doing a good job, why bother with what she is doing inside her bedroom.

To the perpetrators and to anyone la, please find a better issue to put on the front page of a newspaper. It's a waste of ink and a waste of paper. The world's economy is collapsing and the thing that we worry about the most is about a feisty young chick sleeping in the nude.

Appara. Nak tengok sangat bukak la Fleshbot.

Update: The alleged photographer is apparently a Malay male.

Bacaan Tambahan:


The world is facing its worst financial downturn since the Great Depression. Your country, already one of the poorest in the world for the past decades has been struggling to get the most basic stuffs to its people. A huge percentage of them are unemployed while inflation reaches record-high. Not only that, the population is struck by the deadly cholera that has killed thousands, adding to the millions who are already suffering from starvation. Imagine you are the president of this ill-fated country, what would you do?

Well, if you are Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, you would throw down millions of dollars for your birthday celebration. And then you would spend another $5 million for a house overseas.

This is absolutely sickening, and I cannot help but wonder why the world can only watch and do nothing.



I've been following the week with much interest, especially when those people who proudly say they condemn whatsoever the act of jumping party seem not to be walking the talk.

Fresh from the shock of Zaid Ibrahim and that Nasa guy's resignation, I think something is wrong when that poor 3 PKR guys took themselves off from the so-called promising mixed Perak government at this very crucial time when everyone including those outside the state is hoping for proper metamorphosis in nation building.

And now BN need only one of the three to join them under BN's flag to secure the power over the state, canceling the current opposition government in power - so much as to tell the message that not only Pakatan Rakyat fail to take over the country, they even fumble in maintaining a state.

BN is playing the opposition music now.

Boy, this is very very immature. I hate Barisan for making us look like a bunch of idiots, and yes, I hate Pakatan for making themselves look like a bunch of idiots.

Something needs to be done. Let us start with the brains of these politicians in power.

In the wise words of Sunil Shanaz, kalau nak crossover, main bola lah!

Speaking of football and out of politics, it is a wonderful day for Perak as they ease through to the second round of FA Cup with an easy 11-1 on aggregate win against SDM Kepala Batas.

Yes, SDM Kepala Batas. Everyone knows who is the MP. Ironic.

Men Do Cry


Roger Federer couldn't hold back his tears after his defeat at the hand of Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final. That puts his quest for a record-equalling 14 Grand Slam titles still on hold.

Who says men don't cry?



So this is how it is.

It takes a leader from a constitutionally secular country that ban headscarves to speak up against the crimes of Israel.

Fuck you Arab nations. Fuck you Egypt. Fuck you Hosni Mubarak. I hope you'll be the first one thrown down the pits of hell.

Somebody bring back the Caliphate. We have a suitable candidate. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is my new hero.

Move aside Obama, this guy is the real Hope. 

The Places We Live


In 2008, for the first time in history, more people lives in cities rather than rural areas.

Despite that, more than a billion people worldwide lives in slums, lacking all the basic amenities that we often took for granted.

If anyone were to notice the photos I took, I sorta have keen interest in urban decay. So today I stumble upon this webpage today by Jonas Bendiksen of Magnum Photos called The Places We Live. It exploring the lives of these slum dwellers from Nairobi, Kenya; Mumbai, India; Caracas, Venezuela and Jakarta, Indonesia.

The exhibition showcases photos of the people and their houses, under the bridges, built using cardboards, and features narratives taken from those people themselves talking about daily life, how they got there and the hardships that they go thorough.

For me, reflecting the lives of these people to how the way I live my life sorta make me feel thankful to God that I was born in a family that can support a good life. Still, it sorta scare me how close we all are to being this unfortunate 1 billion. Not all of them are there because of their lacking, some have a great education to boot but the circumstances are stacked against them.

Still, I find it amazing that these people, faced with hardship and all that choose to live a legal way of life without resorting to go into crime as us humans are easily enticed. Maybe that's the beauty of faith.

Go and check it out.

You should know this


Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail today classified the death of 22-year-old police detainee Kugan Ananthan as murder.

It is learnt that investigations are underway.

Earlier, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said that a full investigation will be carried out into Kugan's death.

According to him, a thorough probe will be undertaken although the post-mortem report found that Kugan had died due to fluid in his lungs.

"We will not cover up anything," he told reporters in Kuching.

- Malaysiakini


Hadi here.

Sorry aku lama tak update page ni. I've sent some invites to budak batch yang ada blog. Ada a few I couldn't get your emails. Please do send it to me, one way or the other.

Yes, I accept FedEx.

Anything nak complain, please do too. Be blunt, be honest, be true. But please, be kind. And be free. And be awesome. And be extra gorgeous.