Nude Non Issue

What's wrong with sleeping naked?

This is of course, relates back to the 'issue' about one Elizabeth Wong, wakil rakyat of Bukit Lanjan whose naked pictures are circulating on the Internet. I'm not really Mr. Current Issue but if I remember corrently, she resigned or offered to resign yesterday.

Now, can someone tell me what is so wrong about being naked in your own bedroom? I've done that and so do most of us. The last time I checked, the bedroom is about the most private place a person could have.

That is why I'm so baffled by a Khir Toyo, who stepped forward with allegations that what our dear Liz did was wrong, immoral, indecent and bla, bla bla. Now, Khir.. don't tell me you've never been naked inside your bedroom before. Takkan kot. Your wife tak marah ke? Ape you nak sembunyi dalam baju tu?

So what is so immoral about Liz sleeping in the nude? What's immoral is that bloke who took the picture. Now, I haven't seen the pictures and I don't plan to either, but from what I've heard and read, it wasn't even a picture of her in sexual acts. She wasn't even posing. She was nude and asleep. Liz is not even married so she certainly wasn't cheating on anyone and if my sources are correct, she is not a Muslim so there's nothing wrong with her sleeping with some dude.

What if today I strip off naked in my bedroom and the person in the house opposite of mine took a photo of me with a very long zoom lens and spread it all about. Am I immoral? Stop blaming the victim la. Even if the photo is of her in sexual acts, so be it. What's wrong with that? People have passion and desire. People love to be naked with their loved ones. People have sex. People fuck. This isn't Arabia where they stone rape victims and let the rapist go about with his life and rape another chick. Stop blaming the victims.

As long as Liv stay dressed when she's doing her work in the office, as long as she represent her people well, as long as she is doing a good job, why bother with what she is doing inside her bedroom.

To the perpetrators and to anyone la, please find a better issue to put on the front page of a newspaper. It's a waste of ink and a waste of paper. The world's economy is collapsing and the thing that we worry about the most is about a feisty young chick sleeping in the nude.

Appara. Nak tengok sangat bukak la Fleshbot.

Update: The alleged photographer is apparently a Malay male.

Bacaan Tambahan:


The world is facing its worst financial downturn since the Great Depression. Your country, already one of the poorest in the world for the past decades has been struggling to get the most basic stuffs to its people. A huge percentage of them are unemployed while inflation reaches record-high. Not only that, the population is struck by the deadly cholera that has killed thousands, adding to the millions who are already suffering from starvation. Imagine you are the president of this ill-fated country, what would you do?

Well, if you are Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, you would throw down millions of dollars for your birthday celebration. And then you would spend another $5 million for a house overseas.

This is absolutely sickening, and I cannot help but wonder why the world can only watch and do nothing.



I've been following the week with much interest, especially when those people who proudly say they condemn whatsoever the act of jumping party seem not to be walking the talk.

Fresh from the shock of Zaid Ibrahim and that Nasa guy's resignation, I think something is wrong when that poor 3 PKR guys took themselves off from the so-called promising mixed Perak government at this very crucial time when everyone including those outside the state is hoping for proper metamorphosis in nation building.

And now BN need only one of the three to join them under BN's flag to secure the power over the state, canceling the current opposition government in power - so much as to tell the message that not only Pakatan Rakyat fail to take over the country, they even fumble in maintaining a state.

BN is playing the opposition music now.

Boy, this is very very immature. I hate Barisan for making us look like a bunch of idiots, and yes, I hate Pakatan for making themselves look like a bunch of idiots.

Something needs to be done. Let us start with the brains of these politicians in power.

In the wise words of Sunil Shanaz, kalau nak crossover, main bola lah!

Speaking of football and out of politics, it is a wonderful day for Perak as they ease through to the second round of FA Cup with an easy 11-1 on aggregate win against SDM Kepala Batas.

Yes, SDM Kepala Batas. Everyone knows who is the MP. Ironic.

Men Do Cry


Roger Federer couldn't hold back his tears after his defeat at the hand of Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final. That puts his quest for a record-equalling 14 Grand Slam titles still on hold.

Who says men don't cry?