The Night Before Voting

I saw this on The Nut Graph and I was furious:

SUNGAI PETANI, 6 Apr 2009: Four Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state assemblypersons will defect if the Barisan Nasional (BN) wins the Bukit Selambau by-election tomorrow, claimed newly-elected Umno supreme council member Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

Speaking at the BN Youth operations center here tonight, he said, "Just wait and see what will happen within a week after our victory tomorrow."

"We will liberate Kedah the way we liberated Perak," he said to thunderous cheers.

Liberate from whom? The very people who voted their government in? That my friend, is invasion 101.

However, no confirmation was given of who the four potential defectors were.

Azeez Apart from Azeez, newly elected Umno Youth exco member Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid also told the crowd, "We will begin taking Kedah back not at the next general election, but tomorrow."

Their announcements come within hours of news that five Kedah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) division chiefs were quitting the party due to loss of confidence in the party.

Azeez, the ex-Putera Umno chief, also said that although he was now in the supreme council, he would defend Mat Rempits if they were in trouble.

Fuck you. Defending Mat Rempits. Yeah.. awesome. Shweet. First you take them to the friggin pole using the Rakyat's money. Now you want to protect them if they were in trouble. What if they cause trouble to the people like they always do? Would you go down to help those people?

Azeez told the 200-strong crowd of mostly Malay Malaysian men: "Go ride your motorbikes around town until midnight tonight, and until 5pm tomorrow, not to scare people but to raise their spirits."

Raise their spirits? Raise their spirits? People are already living with their inconsiderate riding and noisy machine every single day. Now you are telling these people they can't sleep tonight because your mat rempit brigade is going to raise their spirit? What about raising hell?

Several other local Umno Youth leaders repeated to the youths present: "Follow the law, but if the police give you a hard time just give us a call."

Hah.. follow the law. Who are you? So mighty and powerful? So if I mess around and the police arrest me, I can just call you and all my problem'll be gone? Shweet!

The speakers also largely concentrated on attacking PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's alleged homosexuality.

"Our leaders are living angels, but their side is stuck with someone who is obsessed with backsides," said Azeez.

Nobody is an angel, living or dead. We are all sinful people trying our best to do whatever good that we can achieve. You for one, talk with your backside.

The crowd roared its approval the loudest each time such homophobic comments were made.

Tan Keng Liang Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang talked about the flaws in the Kedah Pakatan Rakyat government's policies, criticising its quit rent and housing assessment policy. He stayed away from personal attacks.

Also attending the ceramah was local singing legend Datuk DJ Dave.

There are 35,140 registered voters in the Bukit Selambau constituency. Polling begins tomorrow at 8am and closes at 5pm in a race that involves a record 15 candidates, 13 of whom are independents.

However, the main contest will be between PKR's S Manikumar and the BN's Datuk S Ganesan.


Malaysia, we don't need stupid people like this. Comprendez?

Punya la banyak hai yang dia boleh nak debat dengan orang, benda macam ni yang paling elok yang dia boleh pikiaq. Ini bodoh. Orang Iban kata paloi, dedeak, bangkak. Orang macam mana la ni..

Orang Kedah, kalau hangpa tak mau ka PAS pon, tolong jangan lepas negeri kita pi kat puak-puak macam dia ni. Biaq la negeri kita tak kaya pon, Aloq Staq tu tak besaq mana pon, janji hati kita cerah, akai kita panjang. Kita jangan dok ambik peduli orang macam ni. Tolong la.. aku mintak sangat-sangat.

Bak kata René Descartes, aku ada akai, jadi aku ada. Hidup lama-lama akai pendek tak guna betoi dak?

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  1. it cant get any worst, can it? This is really really problematic

  2. stupidly stupid.

  3. woho, i heard a lot of hostility there. haha. what to expect from Azeez?

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