Wah Wah San Bukan Sekadar Wah Wah


We are getting better in outlining visions. When the Malaysia Ideal 2020 Vision seems to be quite blurry, came 2057 idea, envisioned by Pak Lah recently.

2020, 2057, and what’s next? An absurd kinda pattern I can say which cease to an end and the numbers seem to increase in the series.

"The ultimate objective that we should aim for is a Malaysia that is a fully developed country by the year 2020,"

That was what Dr. Mahathir coined at the Malaysian Business Council when he first resonated to us his 2020 Vision.

“This is the Malaysia in my dreams for 2057. One hundred years of independence, one hundred years of advancement,”

And that was how Pak Lah replied, realizing he only has 13 more years to materialize the dream we built. Are we lost on our way to 2020? Why we bother to have another set of vision for us to look forward to when we have a good nice ride and focus we have been fixing to all this while? Is this how they are trying to tell us that we have failed to meet our 2020 Vison?

My humble two cents, I think Vision 2020 is another testimony that Malaysians take pride in not being the best and by saying we'll try our best but they're not even giving their best to start with. And we even set our own dateline and it would allow us to procrastinate.

Be it 2020 or 2057, why don’t we take a pledge to have the largest dick now? The global continuously and progressive competition simply will never stop. Many great challenges are awaiting us to deal with and seriously, with what we have now, there are almost nothing we can be proud of, except for the harmonious ethnic composition we have, with Mat Rempits and Rapists emerged as the new ethnics in Malaysia.

The time is now, or should I say, was 14 years ago when Dr. Mahathir first introduced the ever intelligent 2020 Vision to us. We are running out of time, people. We must work together, not because we have no choice, but because it's right and smartest thing to do. The world watches us for god sake. I couldn’t afford seeing us being the laughing stock of the world for being unable to catch what we have marked.

And starting with oneself, make this our own delicate pledge and willfully work on it. It's a duty for each of Malaysians to be committed in making our dream comes true. It’s a Malaysian Dream!

And if you guys seem to have lost in the idea, take a look and a deep breath now and read this like you are reading Playboy’s Book of Lingerie with full passion and focus. And after that, take initiative to do something and you might want to read this to have a better idea on what to do next. Just make sure that you have an open mind to go with it before reading that two astonishing articles.

When we go overseas, we say we're Malaysians. Why not the same here? Love our country. Show it. Make a change.

P/s - 50 years of nationhood and it is counting. Let's give a real hoot, people.