I got myself worked up reading about the outbreak of swine flu. With 5 confirmed and 78 other suspected cases in the UK (and few hundred others in USA, Canada and Mexico), nothing is more worrying than knowing the fact that pandemic level alert is raised to a staggering fifth, and comparison with murderous 1918 Spanish flu pandemic is started to be drawn out.

The worry about bird flu seems negligible now as swine flu virus looks to be more extreme, as it can infect by human-to-human transmission, while the former is more closely associated with human contact with birds. 

With a minute bit of medical knowledge and common sense, I would suggest all conspirators and fellow batch members to stay healthy and inform your doctor on the button if you feel something funny running in your body. 

There is no vaccine available for now, and it is wise not to take any chance. This might not only applicable to Mijie, but you might want to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze as not to spread the germs using a clean disposable tissue and throw it away afterwards. 

Take hygiene a little bit more serious this time. Clean yourself more often and don't rely much on perfume to be presentable. Water and soap do better job.

Those in States, consider doubling or tripling the efforts of getting your body fit and healthy.

Babi bersin, manusia jadi gila babi. Babi Betul.

5 comments :: Babi

  1. haha. babi betullah babi ni.
    dia pun nak flu juga.

    students uni aku juga 5 orang yang kena.
    termasuk seorang lecturer.

    harap semua juga jaga-jaga.

  2. Haha Mijie jugak kau bantai kan.

  3. babi bersin, bagi sapu tangan kat babi

  4. jangan tuduh babi membabi buta.bukan salah salah penternak babi besar-besaran.

    recently on BBC baru kuar statement that despite the fact virus ni lethal,diorang still boleh makan babi becos the virus dies at 70 degrees.hendak membabi seribu daya.

  5. wakakka...
    nicely done!

    "hendak membabi seribu daya"
    -ahmad khalis nazib-

    bayangkan quote tersebut ada kt salah satu plaque kt foyer koleq...

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